Water Treatment/System, Nova Scotia Land Survey

Prendergast Surveys Limited conducted Nova Scotia Land Surveys for a new R.C.M.P. Detachment at Dingwall, Sydney Nova Scotia, Survey of Glace Bay Armouries and Sterling Road, Glace Bay Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Land Surveys - Survey Examples

Topography Survey, Nova Scotia Land Survey
Public Works Canada, Nova Scotia Land Survey
Condominium Survey, Nova Scotia Land Survey
Town Revitalization, Nova Scotia Land Survey

Prendergast Surveys Limited was contracted to complete a 3 Dimensional Topography Survey of the downtown core of Glace Bay. The 3D Topography Survey produced was then leveraged during the town revitalization project.

Collector Sewer Plant, Nova Scotia Land Survey

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NS Land Survey

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Prendergast Surveys Limited

In the areas of St.Peters & Samsonville Prendergast Surveys Limited performed both a 3 Dimensional Topography Survey along with a Legal Boundary Survey for the construction of a Water Treatment Plant and Water System.

Prendergast Surveys Limited conducted both the Property Survey as well as the Condominium Building Layout for a newly constructed Condominium Complex in the core of downtown Sydney, Nova Scotia.

In the town of Dominion, Nova Scotia, Prendergast Surveys Limited completed a 3 Dimensional Topography Survey for the development of a new Dominion Collector Sewer Facility.

A new water line running 10 Kilometres between two neighbouring communities. Prendergast Surveys Limited conducted a 10 Kilometre Topography Survey from Glace Bay to Donkin for the design of the new water line.

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